Eye of God mandala artwork

by Jay Mohler, the Ojo Guru

Ojo de Dios, or the plural, Ojos de Dios ( the Spanish *j* is silent, or a light *h* sound, so roughly pronounced *oh-ho's-day-DEE-ohs*), which is Spanish for Eye of God, or Eyes of God were a popular folk art in the American Southwest during the 1970's, and I sold many hundreds to "trading posts" and tourist gift shops in and around Albuquerque during that time. My original inspiration came from seeing such mandalas made by Huicholes of the remote mountains in central Mexico, and later seeing amazingly similar yarn and stick creations woven by Tibetans. Currently I'm mostly weaving 12-sided designs, which create both unique beauty and greatly expanded possibilities campared to my former 8-sided designs.

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