A few of the more mysterious rocks and places in JTNP

by Jay Mohler

......Here I am

deep in the Wonderland of Rocks

a few years back

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Didn't I warn you??......don't come here if you think a rock can be offensive!

.....Large Quartz boulders at Twin Tanks

The gnarliest manzanita bush.....

Skeletal remains are often found in Smith Water Canyon

The Mother of all Rocks?

.....Granddaddy of a Great Many Tortoises?

signs of a bygone civilization....

. . . . Marker put up by Bill Keys after he got

out of jail, where he was serving time for shooting Worth Bagley

not telling yet!. . . .What happened here?

.....Samuelson's Rocks

Butcher's Cave?


The Sharktooth and the Shovel Handle

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