My craft, the Eye of God
also called God's Eye, or Ojo de Dios

by Jay Mohler         

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I first saw a Eye of God being carried by a Huichol Indian, as he carried a very colorful armful of yarn and stick mandalas to sell at the Guadalajara, Mexico, central Marketplace in 1965. Later I purchased one from a Marketplace stall, and in the later 1960's, in Joshua Tree California, I began a long period of crafting my own "God's Eyes" to sell and make a little money. Later, in the mid-seventies, I became a full time crafter of Eyes of God, selling on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley California. In 1976 I moved to Albuquerque New Mexico, and continued to weave the fascinating and colorful mandalas, Ojos de Dios, as the New Mexicans called them, for the next three years.

At that time I mostly made eight sided Eyes of God, patterned after the Navajo Ojo de Dios. Now, into the new Millennium, I'm spinning yarn and stick mandalas anew, and have developed a twelve sided God's Eye which, to me, represents the New Age we live in.

Now retired from 25 years of sign making, I'm selling my latest creations, which I'm again calling Ojos de Dios, on the internet. The full web-site includes several sizes and styles of my "ojos", and also complete illustrated directions for making your own multi-sided God's Eye.

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