Ojos de Dios by Jay Mohler

Custom Orders

Ojos from 12 inches to 48 inches can be custom ordered

click to see this ojo closer up

Click to see this 48 inch ojo closer up.

If you don't see exactly what you want on the web-site, I probably can make it for you. One way is to pick one or more ojos that have the colors or feeling you want, but if you want a different size ojo, then e-mail me which ojos to use as inspiration, and what size you want. Prices are the same as any similar sized ojo not on sale.

To get an overview of ojos on the site, enter the word *ojo* into the Google search box below, then hit the *image* tab when the results page opens.

WWW http://ojos-de-dios.com
note: Some ojos shown will be from out of date pages: please email me for current prices if you are looking for a size not in this list.

Also, be sure to look through my etsy.com online shop!
which has a very good system in place for custom ordering.

below are my current prices for 12-sided, custom orders, with a average amount of needlework in the border,
plus the usual 15% Shipping and Handling.
Prices are somewhat more for complex embroidery in the borders, or less with minimal needlework.. Email me for other sizes or special requests.

12 inch ojos: $45 acrylic yarns, $60 wool
18 inch ojos: $90 acrylic yarns, $140 wool
24 inch ojos: $180 acrylic, $240 wool
36 inch ojos: $350 acrylic, $400 wool
48 inch ojos: $700, acrylic, $900 wool

Again, be sure to go to my etsy.com online shop!
where there is a custom order section, and many wool ojos not shown on this website.

Of course, the colors on your computer monitor cannot exactly match yarn colors. If you are concerned with knowing exactly what colors you would get in purchasing a ojo, send me a self addressed envelope, and the name of the ojo you are interested in, and I'll mail you back yarn samples of the exact yarns used in that ojo.

Ojos up to 24 inches require full payment in advance. Over that size, one half in advance, and the rest when ready to ship. I can e-mail a picture of what I've made for final approval. Most likely I'll be happy to keep what I've made for my web-site galleries, and will be happy to make changes if you're not satisfied with what you see.

Custom Orders will generally be shipped within two to three weeks of receiving payment, but e-mail me for a current time estimate.

Once we've set a price, I can send you a

, . money request for easy online payment with a credit or debit card.

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Jay Mohler

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