Making your own 8 sided Ojo de Dios
Now in pdf format

by Jay Mohler


To download your free pdf instructions, Click HERE.

Ahora tambien disponible en espanol, Click AQUI.

To purchase a longer and more detailed set of instructions, which includes photos and instructions for starting
a 12-sided Ojo de Dios, and also includes links to instructional videos, visit my shop

I'm also offering ojo kits on, which include not only these instructions, but prepared sticks, and yarn.

These instructions are provided entirely free of charge, for personal use. If however, you appreciate them enough to make a donation to Ojos de, please use the button below to make a donation with a credit or debit card via PayPal.

Jay Mohler,

If you like to buy a kit including prepared sticks, and your color choices of yarns, again, see my shop

If you'd like a little extra help personally by me via Skype video, see my Instructions vis Skype page.

I also have blocks of Skype time for learning Ojo making available on my shop

Jay Mohler

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